FATDUC O2 Manipulator


O2 Manipulator

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O2 Manipulators are an economical solution to alter the closed loop air-fuel ratio on many Motorcyles. O2 Manipulators are “plug and play” requiring NO cutting or splicing of wires and installs inline at the factory oxygen sensor connection. O2 Manipulators work by altering the oxygen sensor output voltage. This slight reduction in voltage forces the ECU to add additional fuel.

O2 Manipulators are weather resistant and built using only the highest quality components, featuring OEM connectors and printed circuit board technology. The printed circuit board allows for a very rugged and reliable product, but the overall package remains small and unobtrusive. O2 Manipulator circuit’s are fully variable allowing the user to fine tune the device to their particular setup. The altered air-fuel ratio output range is 14.2/1 – 13.0/1 calculated using a base target of 14.7/1.

**2 required for v-twin bikes**