2022 V85TT Centenario Adventure


The V85 TT CENTENARIO is the celebration of a dream that goes back 100 years. Embodying that lust for adventure and freedom that has set thousands of pulses and bikes racing over the decades,  it takes to the road today sporting the colours and symbols of the iconic “Otto cilindri” or“Eight cylinders”. 


Just a quick glance to take in the matt green front mudguard and side panels, matt grey fuel tank and brown padded saddle and you know you are in the presence of something special. Sporting a 100-year anniversary badge on the front mudguard and gold-plated version of the legendary Mandello eagle, this is an unmissable opportunity to experience the joy of riding the bike of the century every single day.

*Aluminum top box and side cases are included as standard equipment.


 $1250 Performance credit and $190 instant coupon = sale price $12,000 No Doc fee & No Prep fee

All three bags are included for this price…