2021 V7 Centenario


To mark 100 years of Moto Guzzi, the V7 sports a prestigious centenary livery, available only in 2021, and perfectly encapsulating the brand’s heritage, history, elegance and sporting character.

New Moto Guzzi engine

The transverse 90-degree V engine has long been the hallmark of Moto Guzzi and this V7 is no exception, but the news is that it’s derived from the “All Terrain” V85 TT. We’re talking about the latest and most advanced ever built at Mandello, designed to deliver improved performance and overall efficiency and take reliability and riding enjoyment to a whole new level.

Designed for impact

The V7 has long been an icon and its distinctive identity is part of motorcycling history, but this latest model to exit Mandello takes it up another notch in the design stakes. This is a more complete version than its predecessor, in fact, you could even say it’s more mature and grown up, with its larger engine and exhaust pipes with revamped layout making an assured visual statement. Towards the rear, both the universal joint transmission and wheel have been enlarged, while the Kayaba shock absorbers are more robust than before.

More comfortable than ever

The chassis now features steel elements in the steering head area, while the new longer-travel twin shock absorbers, two-tier saddle and updated rider foot peg supports all make for a more comfortable riding experience.

$9190 plus $650 Freight from Italy, $50 Title and applicable sales tax

Available financing 3.9% for 48 months and  Either $750 trade in credit or $750 First Responders Rebate ( trade in must be titled Moto Guzzi)


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