2017 V9 Roamer

The V9 Roamer is a superb combination of classic and essential style with high-level finishing touches that display the unique architecture of the new 850 twin cylinder.

The details speak for themselves, including the new wheel rims (19″ front and 16″ rear) painted in matte black and treated with a diamond-cut finish, as well as the new multi-function digital dashboard with a single circular gauge.

Comfort is provided through a relaxed riding position and padded seat, which is decorated with the Moto Guzzi logo stitched with grey thread. The seat, just 30.5 inches from the ground, is complemented by a raised chrome handlebar and the correct placement of the forged aluminum foot pegs for the ideal rider triangle.

MSRP $9990  CADRE PRICE $5500 & 0% FOR       48 MONTHS




The V9 Roamer arrives with a 90° transverse air- and oil-cooled 850cc v-twin engine that is tweaked for the all-around performance.

Starting from the bottom of the engine, the new aluminum crankcase, which was stiffened at the key points, is complimented by a new oil pan and an inertia-calibrated crankshaft for easy revving and optimal engine braking.

For better performance and fuel consumption, the lubrication and ventilation systems were overhauled. Other lower-end engine improvements include new piston cooling oil jets with check valve and flow management, and a redesigned alternator cover with a blow-by gas output.

The upper part of the 850cc twin features new aluminum heads, pistons and cylinders, along with a one-piece Marelli electronic injection system.

When combined with the three-way catalytic converter, the double oxygen sensor and the total redesign of the engine, the new auxiliary air system brings the twin 850 Moto Guzzi into compliance with EU4 standards.

The V9 Roamer’s engine produces 55 horsepower @ 6250 rpm, and 45.7 ft/lbs of torque @ 3000 rpm. The engine utilizes a single dry-plate clutch and six-speed transmission that delivers the power to a double-jointed drive shaft offset by a new bevel gear, which provides solid and reliable management of the powerful torque supplied by the twin engine.

The cast aluminum swingarm has been designed and sized to support engine performance, as well as to accommodate the new 150mm tire.